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Faith-Hope Chinese School (FHCS) offers classes on Sundays at El Paso Chinese Baptist Church.  In FHCS, Chinese is taught using simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin.


Summer Class

Chinese Jr. Level 1  小小班

August - May

Understand/Speak basic greetings; Learn to say four tones; Identify around 50 characters; Write Chinese numbers; Learn to celebrate Chinese New Year; Crafts and Songs

Chinese Jr. Level 1


Chinese Level 1 初级班

August - May

Understand/Speak class conversation, greetings, four tones; Identify around 100 characters; Learn to use sentence patterns to do short composition; Recite Chinese classics

Beginning Adult Chinese Conversation  成年会话班

August - May

Speak basic conversation in Chinese; Learn to pronounce pinyin accurately; Type simple Chinese with pinyin; Understand Chinese business etiquette and social customs

Spanish for Beginner

canceled due to lower enrollment 


No prior Spanish language knowledge is necessary. Aimed at students who would like to learn conversational Spanish starting with Spanish basics. Introduces everyday language.

What the students will learn

  • Basic conversational skills (introduction, greeting and farewell)

  • The alphabet, numbers, time, calendar

  • How to describe your nationality, your likes, and your family

  • Simple dialogues

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