Prayer Guide week one 第一週禱告手冊


Read 1 John 3:16-18 參閱約翰一書三16-18節


LoveStrong 堅定付出愛


     Love is a word we hear all the time. We love ice cream; we love sports; and we love our children. This same word - love - is used, but it does now mean the same thing. Our love of ice cream is not the same as our love for our children. What kind of love do we find in the Scripture passage?



We find a love that leads to action. God's love for us led Him to action. He gave His own Son so that we could be in relationship with Him. Because of God's great love for us we must give our lives for each other. We must take action when we see a need.



    Each of us sees needs all around us. Pray that God will cause compassion to grow within you and you will be led to action. One action you can do right now where you are is to pray for these needs.



1. The Welcome Hope Center, in Amarillo, Texas. Pray for the volunteers and families with loved ones in prison that hope in Christ will be the message given and received.

一、位於德州阿馬里洛市的迎接希望中心 (The Welcome Hope Center, Amarillo, Texas),為中心的志工及獄中服刑者的家人代禱,讓基督所賜的盼望能被傳出去,也讓服刑者能接受這份在基督裡的盼望。


2. Christian Women's Job Corps. Pray for volunteers and students who are working together to improve their lives and create better opportunities for themselves and their families. Pray the love of Christ will be experienced in ways that change lives.

二、基督徒婦女就業培訓隊(Christian Women's Job Corps),為志工及學生們禱告,他們正在共同努力改進生活,並為自己及家人創造更好的機會。願基督的愛能帶來生命的改變。


    LoveStrong - in your words and in your actions!


Prayer Guide week two 第週禱告手冊


Read 1 John 3:16-18 參閱約翰一書三16-18節


LoveStrong 堅定付出愛


    Last week we talked about Love, so this week let's focus on Strong. When we think about strong, do we think about muscles that are strong? Do we think about smells that are strong? Do we think about feelings that are strong? No matter how we think about strong, the one thing about strong is it is able to cause a reaction. Muscles that are strong can move things. Smells that are strong can make us want to eat or not eat depending on the smell. Feelings that are strong can make us move around the world to follow a dream or stay at home to care for a loved one. Strong causes action.



    So when love is strong what action does it cause? The bible tells us that God's strong love caused Him to sacrifice His son for us. It also says that when we say we love God, we too will have a love that will sacrifice for others. Who would God have you to love? Who in your community needs you to LoveStrong?



    You can start by praying.



1. Please pray for the Cowboy churches. They are reaching out to the unchurched in our state sharing the Gospel. Pray they stay strong in their message of love.



2. Pray also for the refugees who come to Texas each day. Pray for the volunteers who reach out in friendship and God's love.



    LoveStrong - in your words and in your actions!